55 U.S. industry sectors ranked for technology use

"When the U.S. Department of Commerce ranked 55 industry sectors for IT-intensity, education was ranked last at No. 55," Krueger says. "Education is less technology-intensive than coal mining, especially when high-growth jobs are technology-intensive." "

There is a strong need to change this. Our students are native speakers of technology. We will always speak it with an accent. The students have grown up learning naturally from the internet, and our schools must tap into this to motivate them, and teach them most effectively. This must supplement, and not supplant, traditional education.

Full report: http://usinfo.org/enus/economy/technology/docs/DE-Chap4.pdf

Source:  http://www.mastercard.com/us/business/en/middlemarket/industry/technology/articles/ul2_device-driven-classroom.html